Time Waste Management is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation whose goals are to help create a more permanent arts culture by inspiring artists to engage with and work in Orlando, Florida by:

Providing an outlet for young and emerging artists to reform and showcase their works of any media to a broad community of their peers while providing workshops, materials, and affordable studio spaces needed to allow free artistic growth in technique and creative process.

To inform and inspire the public with exhibitions of progressive and diverse mediums to further promote the communities growing interest in local arts. 

Additionally, to house, preserve, and archive the growing number of community DIY publications commonly known as "ZInes" and to provide the necessary materials and equipment to continue the publishing of such works. Making said archived works available to the community, free of charge, online and in a reference library.

A Place Gallery & Studios is run by Time Waste Management which is funded by the community. Ranging from 2D works, including painting and drawing, to conceptual works and performance. We also provide affordable studio spaces to young and emerging artists. To learn more about renting studio space click here.